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Our most innovative garments and foams collection designed by Alfredo Hoyos for full comfort & best results after surgery

To ensure optimal tissue management and patient-friendly results has been one of the most important points in Dr. Hoyos’ practice over the years.


Doctor Alfredo Hoyos has spent time researching and developing new tools to provide greater satisfaction to patients and also for Doctors to extend their abilities for practicing the detailed HD2 LIPO techniques.


We take the environment into account when manufacturing our garments, and utilize eco friendly materials.

 We have available our new garments that are designed with a product called Power Net.  This kind of fabric was created to have a long life. It can continuously wash and easy to dry. 


The TOTAL DEFINER garments are made of the most resistant and elastic fibers that exist today in the market. These are made to apply proper pressure considering the anatomical shape of each patient, molding and protecting the skin from any irritation.

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  1. Promote the rapid drainage of body fluids

  2. Easily attached to the skin after surgery or pregnancy

  3. Assist in reducing inflammation, swelling, and bruising

  4. Reduce the risk of fibrosis

  5. Not noticeable under clothing

  6. Reduce pain and post-operative discomfort

  7. Provide ease of movement and support during recovery

  8. They shape the body (waist, abdomen, back, buttocks ....)

  9. Reduce sagging

  10. Corrects posture

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