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Total Definer ® Compression Garments & Foams are specially designed to be used after surgery.

(Known as post-surgical or post-operative garment)


Our compression garments are designed to optimize results and recovery following HIGH DEFINITION LIPO and fat grafting procedures. 


  1. Promote the rapid drainage of body fluids

  2. Easily attached to the skin after surgery or pregnancy

  3. Assist in reducing inflammation, swelling, and bruising

  4. Reduce the risk of fibrosis

  5. Not noticeable under clothing

  6. Reduce pain and post-operative discomfort

  7. Provide ease of movement and support during recovery

  8. They shape the body (waist, abdomen, back, buttocks ....)

  9. Reduce sagging

  10. Corrects posture

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In addition to providing maximum compression in the areas treated by liposuction, the garment also provides general support for all areas of the body. 

After surgery, helps the skin from sticking to the muscle to avoid the flaccidity.

The combination of specific and general support compression helps reduce overall recovery time, improves comfort and helps achieve the best results.


Total Definer® compression garments are made with the most resistant and elastic fibers to exert adequate pressure and obtain the desired results. Our garments are constructed with our high-quality materials called PowerNet, and with our exclusive Lycra® Nylonfis fabric lining. Our one of a kind fabrics were created to protect the skin avoiding any irritation, they have a long life, and can continuously wash and it is easy to dry. 

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Following a HD2 LIPO procedure, patients should utilize compression garments during the first two months, 24 hours a day. On the third month, 12 hours/day is recommended (day or at night).

For optimal recovery post FIT MOMMY (Tummy tuck) or MOMMY HI DEF (Mini Tummy Tuck) procedure, patients should utilize the garments during the first three months to reinforce the process of compression and retraction of the skin. This allows swelling to subside faster and improves results. By the fourth month, only 12 hours/day is necessary.

Foams are specifically designed for use underneath the compression garments providing a flat surface for compression in post-surgical body contouring. The Foam provides additional compression and support over the suctioned area, adding comfort after Liposuction or HD2 LIPO procedure. 


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The foam provides a barrier between the skin and the compression garment, allowing the skin to transpire and maintain the sculpted shape. This will help to reduce circumferences more noticeable and effective.

The foam helps the skin from sticking to the muscle to avoid the flaccidity.


  1. The foam wraps around the core, adapting to the body shape. It is anatomically designed to enable mobility during recovery.

  2. The foam prevents the formation of skin creases on the abdomen, so the skin stays unmarked.

  3. The foam creates additional compression in the surgically marked areas to obtain desired definition

  4. The Foam minimizes swelling & prevents fluid retention.

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